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Village Council

Brandon Balkema - President

The Village President is the chief executive officer of the Village, and is responsible for presiding at Council meetings and recommending people for appointment to various committees and commissions. The president also has the same duties as a trustee. Term ends November 20, 2026.

Hannah Coy- Village President Pro-Term

When the president is absent, the president pro term (who is appointed by the council) presides at council meetings and exercises all powers and duties of the president.  The president pro term has the same duties as a trustee.  Term ends November 20, 2026.


The Trustees are the legislators for the Village. There are five trustees, in addition to the president and president pro term. They are responsible for approving the budget, approving payment of bills, adopting ordinances, setting tax rates, and any other Village business that may come before them.

Larry Fulcher- Term Expires November 20, 2024
Dennis Swartz - Term Expires November 20, 2024
Scott Roberts - Term Expires November 20, 2026
Laurie Pfiester- Term Expires November 20, 2024

Randy Spaulding - Tern Expires November 20, 2026

Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority is comprised of citizens who represent businesses and property owners of the Downtown District. 

"The mission of the Bellevue Downtown Development Authority is to pursue the revitalization of a traditional, vibrant, and attractive central business district that creates economic opportunities, promotes a unique identity, and enhances the future quality of life for both residents and visitors."

Bellevue's DDA offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, regardless of age or experience, to assist anyone who would like to open a business. The program addresses steps to take in starting a business all the way from beginning with only an idea through opening to the public, including mentoring with active business owners or, in Bellevue's case, offering free locations, advertising and even signage. Obviously resourceful members of Bellevue's DDA hope this progressive approach will attract and keep businesses of any size or service active in a village where several empty storefronts serve as reminders of too many businesses come and gone, some within only a year's time.

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created to promote and enhance the commercial core of the community, to preserve public investment and to improve the viability of businesses within the DDA District.  The DDA works to coordinate downtown development, revitalization, business recruitment, and promotion.

Board of Directors:

Chelsey Carpenter - Chairperson - Term Expires May 2024

Katrina Sparks - Treasurer - Term Expires May 2027

Heather McMillon - Term Expires May 2027

Nicole Roberts - Vice Chairperson - Term Expires May 2025

Kristie Hillman - Secretary - Term Expires May 2027

Michelle Pennington - Term Expires May 2026

Samantha Denton - Term Expires May 2026

Mary Bartzen - Term Expires May 2027

Vacant Seat

Bob Toland - Consultant

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is an appointed body that advises the legislative body on planning matters. The Planning Commission has the responsibility to prepare a master plan, which influences the regulations and standards in the zoning ordinance and any future changes to it.

Board Members:

Scott Roberts - President - Term Expires November 2026

Barbara Kowalski - Term Expires January 2027

Rick Pulliam - Term Expires January 2027

Joseph Bogucki - Term Expires March 2025

Vacant Seat - 

Nicole Roberts - Zoning Administrator

Mark Eidelson - Consultant

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