Fire Department - Bellevue, Michigan

269-763-3262 - Emergency 911

fire truckThe Bellevue Fire Department consists of 22 paid on-call volunteers who cover a 118 square mile area within Barry County, Calhoun County, and Eaton County. The department has one station located in the Village of Bellevue, covering the Assyria Township, Bellevue Township, Convis Township, Village of Bellevue, and ten sections of Kalamo Township. The station is equipped with two pumpers, one tanker/pumper, grass rig, and equipment truck.

Bellevue Fire Control Board

The Bellevue Fire Department evolved from a Village owned and operated department, formed in 1882, to a community fire department that serves the surrounding townships as well. This transformation began in 1934 when the fire department was instructed to begin responding to fire alarms outside the Village limits. The transformation was completed in 1955 when Assyria Township, Bellevue Township, Convis Township, and the Village of Bellevue entered into an agreement to join together to organize the fire department into what it closely resembles today. A fire control board that consists of members from these three townships and the Village now operates the fire department.